So I just came from the end of my first homecoming as a fresh man, over all the whole night was a solid two hours of “where are you” “you look like a princess” and the painful throbbing of feet. But don’t get me wrong it was a wonderful night that I am most likely not going to remember. I am now sitting on a street corner writing a wall of text that no one is going to read. I sit alone with the ringing in my ears from the “sick beats” that the DJ had the courtesy to spill on the dance floor, my thoughts and a bag of Cookies and Cream Dipping Dots. I spent most of my night wandering from hall to hall following companions around that I have met earlier this year. There were multiple times I had caught my self stairing at the blond haired bachelor that goes by the name of Jefferson. Jefferson is the exception to my homosexuality. He is just so elegant and light on those nimble toes of his. I recall my self saying “Hi” to him over four times during the night. Being the gentleman he is, he gave me one of his “drop dead gorgeous grins” and waved his hand each and every time. He is just so polite like that.The court yard was just packed with teens of all shapes and sizes. Each and every one of them having their own way to “groove” to the beat. At the end of the entire night our janitor named Joul had the kindness in his heart to give out the rest of the dipping dots that had not sold.I was feeling selfish so I had taken two servings of the delectable treats. My high heels are now lazily placed on the warm concrete of the side walk as I write this. tonight was wonderful but I am ever so tired.so I shall leave this wall of text here to remind me of the events of this very night.